President/CEO: Sean M. Smith
VP of Purchasing & Maintenance: Tony A. Ipac
Vice President of Lumber Sales: Curtis E. Bodenstab
Secretary/Treasurer: Robert A. Thomas
Accounts Payable/Personnel: Diana Holmes
Log Accounting: Ginger Lassiter
Starfire Lumber Co. was incorporated on February 9, 1983. Francis D. Engle, the company’s founder, purchased an old cedar mill in the small community of Cottage Grove, Oregon, U.S.A. After spending over ten million dollars in the initial purchase and subsequent improvements, Starfire Lumber has become one of the most innovative mills in the world.


On June 17, 2013, Mr. Engle’s grandson, Sean M. Smith, became Starfire’s third President & CEO.


Our bright orange star logo has become a symbol of quality throughout the world. In addition to our domestic, coast-to-coast market, we have been selling our products internationally since 1985.